ayahuasca or yage vine - Banisteriopsis caapi

Our Vision

Welcome to the Ayahuasca Oasis Healing Center - a small ayahuasca retreat in Peru. We are devoted to the personal healing and enlightenment of our guests. Here, you can experience the powerful plant medicine called ayahuasca in a small and safe setting. 

In our small ayahuasca retreats, personal attention is of utmost importance. You will be accompanied by no more than 8 other guests seeking personal development and transformation. Most ayahuasca centers allow many more participants. The more people there are in an ayahuasca ceremony, the more distractions there are to your own personal growth and development. 

The Ayahuasca Oasis Healing Center was founded by Oscar Manuyama in 2017 after seeing the poor conditions and greed rampant at many of the ayahuasca retreats in Peru. With 30+ years of working in lodges and retreats across Peru, including 10 different ayahuasca retreats, he knows what it takes to make guests happy and comfortable. Aided by the Manuyama family, you will feel welcome and safe to undergo your own inner journey. 


Ayahuasca Oasis retreat location, map of South America showcasing the Amazon River and Iquitos, Peru
The Ayahuasca Oasis Healing Center is located in Padre Cocha - a small community along the Nanay River, which quickly converges with the Amazon just to the east and near the large town of Iquitos. Iquitos is the largest city on the planet that cannot be reached by road. Boats and planes are its only links to the outside world. We are in the heart of the Amazon basin!

Amazon River near Iquitos Peru and the Ayahuasca Oasis Healing Center