lodging cabins at Ayahuasca Oasis retreat in Peru
private cabin at our ayahuasca retreat center in Peru

While lodging at Ayahuasca Oasis, you will enjoy your own private cabin and bathroom. At night, you will awake each morning to the beautiful songs of Amazonian birds, and you will go to sleep marvelling at the many sounds emanating from the jungle - insects, frogs, monkeys, and more!

Double rooms are also available.  

Food & Drink

With over 30 years working as a tour guide in lodges and retreats across Peru, Ayahuasca Oasis founder Oscar knows the importance of being well fed! And he loves cooking! Any time he worked at a lodge with a chef, he would enter the kitchen to watch and learn. After you have made your retreat reservation, we will ask for your food preferences, and Oscar will be organizing meals specifically to your taste.

At other ayahuasca retreats guests are often told they must adhere to a  strict diet while taking ayahuasca and are fed small bland meals.  While there are certainly some dietary restrictions (absolutely no red meat or pork), and we do encourage healthy eating, many of the dietary restrictions at other retreats are mainly a means to save money by not feeding their guests.

You may also get to try a few of the Peruvian fruits and vegetables that are in season, like camu camu and pijuayo, as well as fish native to the Amazon!

pijuayo fruit salad
local fish, vegetable stir fry, rice, plantain camo camo fruit
Breakfast at our ayahuasca retreat: pancakes and papaya juice